Will GBP Take a Battering?

Great Britain Pound - British Money18th of September 2014, a day when the citizens of Scotland get the chance to vote on whether Scotland is going to turn into an independent state in the UK. The outcomes of the voting will probably be out early morning tomorrow, which is going to make the money markets rather active today.

That said, all the Forex traders or binary options brokers out there should know that the trading environment in both cases is going to be very unpredictable as the results of the exit polls will be out throughout the morning, afternoon and night, instantly impacting the value of indices, stocks and GBP’s value, which are all sure to fluctuate all day.

Surely there have been a number of polls in the past taken in the run-up to this vote, and each party was noticed to be taking a lead at some point. Last week the value of UK Pound did face a downfall, but then it was able to rise back up and make it up to all the ground it had lost in the past.

A number of experts believe that the voting may not leave a very dominating impact as everybody expects it to and that there have been several forex traders and binary options traders adopting a rather conservative perspective regarding what trades they choose to place, but then it is known that the early exit polls are sure to leave some sort of impact on the money markets today, which makes it important for you to understand that your trades could either turn out to be too unprofitable or simply way too profitable.

In case you are not sure about what trades you are going to place today, it is recommended that you take a break instead until the money markets become normal again. In case Scotland does become an independent state, the money markets will be volatile and unpredictable for at least a few months.

We wish you good luck in case you still decide to take the risk and make your move on the markets today as the vote kicks off tomorrow, and we hope you are able to place profitable trades and don’t end up being the victim of unpredicted fall of values in the markets!

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