US Forex Brokers – Top USA Forex Brokers and Forex Trading Platforms

US flagWith a number of regulations and other licensing criteria, only a few numbers of Forex Brokers are available for the residents of United States. With that thing in mind, we provide you with a guide on US Forex Brokers below that you should read if you are looking forward to starting a career in Forex trading.

In this particular US Forex Trading Guide, we would provide you with minute details what to look for while short listing a broker and how to become a real money trader. At the same time, we would enlighten you about the different types of Forex trading platforms that you can have an access.

It is to be noted that not all the Forex brokers are able to operate in business with good industry standards. As such you should not blindly sign up and register with any Forex Broker that you come across. In fact, we suggest you go for such brokers that are listed and showcased through our website because they offer the highest standard of service, access to numerous trading opportunities and you would be able to claim really nice bonus offers.


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Leverage: 1000:1

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What Makes US Forex Broker a Top Rated One?

We are now going to provide you with information what to look for when you are short listing a broker for your Forex trading. As long as your choice of broker is able to provide you with the following features mentioned below, you should go forward and register on their official website:

US Dollar Banking Options – One of the most important criteria, before you sign up with any Forex broker, is that it should allow you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds using US Dollars. Since US Dollars is your home currency, you will not have any problems in the exchange rates.

We have made sure that all the US Forex Brokers that we have presented on this website allows traders to set up their home currency as US Dollars. At the same time, traders will be provided with a number of different banking methods for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals. Funds are settled in the shortest span of time without any kind of waiting period.

Licensed and Regulated Brokers: No matter how genuine and attracting a US Forex Broker sounds to you, if it is not licensed and regulated by a governing body, it is of little use to you. In fact, you should stick with a broker that holds a valid license.

If you choose a broker from the featured list mentioned at our website, you will find that it is completely regulated and licensed by the United States regulatory body. All of them are genuine and offers safe trading to all the traders.

Fast & Timely Payouts – As a trader, your choice of US Forex Trader should allow you to take withdrawals without any kind of hassles. The funds should be settled quickly and in a timely manner.

It is to be noted that every single US Forex Brokers mentioned on our website offer the fastest payout on the winnings and you will have access to a number of different banking methods to settle the withdrawals.

Generous Bonuses – If you want to make money, you should have money by your side. With that thing in mind, you should be able to exploit the opportunities by taking all the generous bonuses offered by the Forex brokers. If your choice of brokerage firm has a limited number of bonus offers for you1, it is time to leave that broker and search for a new one.

Multiple Trading Opportunities – When it comes to trading in Forex, you should not limit yourself to few number of trading opportunities. You should definitely avoid those brokers that offer a limited range of different trading opportunities and currency pairings. An ideal broker is one that offers multiple trading opportunities to its customers.

Types of Trading Platforms

If you take a closer look at our featured list of US Forex Brokers, you will find that all of them offer a diverse range of different trading platforms to its customers. Below we have mentioned some of the widely used and popular trading platforms that you should certainly keep a note of because it would be perfect for your trading style.

MT4 Trading Platform – It is the widely used trading platform when it comes to Forex. It comes with a number of different configurable options that you can utilise while placing trades online.

If you visit our featured list of brokers, you will get complete information how to access the MT4 trading platform and place trades.

Mobile Trading Platforms – Every single broker that you try out from the list mentioned on our site offers a mobile-based trading platform to all the customers. You would be able to place your trades from your mobile and smartphone easily and does not have to depend on computers or laptop. Trades can be placed from any place in the world which is really very impressive.

Social Trading Platforms – A number of US Forex Brokers mentioned on our website offer social trading platforms to the customers. The platform has been designed in such a manner that it satisfies all the needs of a trader.

Broker Exclusive Trading Platforms – A number of brokers are offering their own exclusive trading platforms apart from the traditional ones. These platforms offer state of the art features and make sure that your choice of broker has its own dedicated trading platform.

We urge all the traders to open a Demo Account with their choice of US Forex Brokers. It will help them to get acquainted with the different trading platforms and able to devise their own trading strategies. It will help traders to a great extent when they switch to the real trading format in the FX world.