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UK Employment Rights Lawsuit Make UBER Lose London License

UBERThe multibillion-dollar car booking company called UBER lost its license to operate its vehicles in London after the UK tribunal court ruled in favour of 2 drivers that had filed a case against UBER and Transport for London decided to cancel the license.

The drivers of UBER namely James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam filed a case against the company nearly two years ago who said they should get the minimum wage and holiday pay as they were the employees of this car booking company.

There are more than 40,000 drivers of UBER in London, and all of them are treated as self-employed consultants instead of employees.

In the past two years, UBER has spent to the tune of several million dollars fighting the case and avoiding paying the minimum wage in the United Kingdom. According to UBER, the company only provides car app services to people that allow drivers to interact with the customers who want to travel within the city. None of the drivers is employed directly by UBER.

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A tribunal panel comprising of 3 people looked into the case and the judge Anthony Snelon did not agree with the arguments of the car booking company and severely criticised UBER. Judge Anthony Snelon made the following statement:

The notion that UBER in London is a mosaic of 30,000 small businesses linked by a common ‘platform’ is to our minds faintly ridiculous. It is, in our opinion, unreal to deny that UBER is in business as a supplier of transportation services.

Transport for London decided last week not to renew UBER’s license, and the company has decided to appeal against the ruling and intended to make a comeback fight. An email petition has been already sent by the company to its customers using the app service requesting them to fight for the income and employment of 40000 drivers. UBER has hired the services of the notable Dinah Rose QC who has represented the famous Julian Assange of Wikileaks in the past.

A statement was released by the company in which it was mentioned that a large number of drivers liked to stay as independent contractors. Hence they would present a strong case for the company and prepare for the hearing which is likely to take place this week. The firm Dinah Rose QC is of the opinion that the discussion of the tribunal was inconsistent with its findings.

On the other hand, the employment lawyers in the United Kingdom are of the opinion that it would be a hell of a task for this car company to convince the court to overturn its decision. In the UK, there are two different categories of employment statuses that are ‘employees’ and ‘workers’’. Both these categories are eligible for the minimum salary as well as holiday pay. But only the employees have the right to sue the employer for any unfair dismissal.

If UBER loses its appeal, then it means that the company would have to face similar kind of lawsuits in other countries throughout the world.

UK Employment Rights Lawsuit Make Uber Lose London License
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UK Employment Rights Lawsuit Make Uber Lose London License
Uber lost its license to operate in London after a tribunal ruled in favour of the two drivers that had filed a case against the company.
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