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Spectre.ai – A Blockchain Based Trading Platform

Blockchain has undoubtedly changed how we do things, from conducting transactions to storing sensitive information or tracking items. The blockchain is still in its infancy, but during this period it has experienced a worldwide acceptance because of the power it has to uproot the current status quo of how things currently work.

For those of you who don’t know what blockchain is, it was invented by a person or group of people that go by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, and it works by allowing digital information like transaction details, phone records, and even photos to be stored in a distributed environment but not copied. You see, in a traditional sense, we currently store information in a centralised environment, which is to say that we would normally keep sensitive or precious information on a hard drive or on a computer.

However, the problem arises when something happens to that environment and compromises its integrity, like a fire or water damage which can enter the hard drive and irreparably damage it beyond repair, and then the information is lost.

Another example is a website that is being hosted on a server somewhere, and the website information can only be accessed from that one server until something happens to that server where the information cannot be accessed. If the website information cannot be accessed from the server, then the site won’t be visible to the user.

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What is Decentralised Trading?

Storing information in a decentralised environment, like on a blockchain means that information is not stored in one central location, but in several different locations. The main benefit of this, which might be obvious by now is that if a computer on this blockchain goes down for whatever reason, the information can still be accessible because of other computers on the network host the same information.

One of the main characteristics of blockchain technology is that the information that exists on it, is continuously updated which means that data and information can be reviewed and verified. What’s more, is that because information on blockchain is decentralised it means that criminals like hackers cannot steal or corrupt the information.

Incorporating blockchain into trading with SPECTRE.ai

Spectre which stands for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange is a trading platform that has all the functionalities of traditional trading platforms, like the ability to trade various assets such as Currencies, Commodities and Cryptos. Except, it has some other features that you wouldn’t find on traditional platforms, which makes a platform like this exceptionally unique.

Brokerless Trading Platform

Spectre gives traders the ability to earn up to 200% returns with an average of 73% return on just one trade within a matter of minutes. Now, this is the real kicker, and what this whole article has been about up to now because we have covered what blockchain is and what it can do. Well, Spectre has been built on Ethereum’s blockchain and this makes Spectre a broker-less and fraud-free trading platform, with the benefits of a typical broker platform.

Traditional Trading vs. Spectre.ai Platform

Traditional trading platforms are owned and controlled by central authorities that have control over the flow of incoming information that comes from financial markets, as well as having control over your money. I don’t literally mean they have control of your money, but you are depositing money in an account that is hosted on their platform where you are able to use leverage against your own money.

If you trade with more money than you actually have and lose it, then the end result is your money going to the broker. Moreover, on Spectre’s decentralised platform, traders are given the option to either deposit money in the form of ETH (Ethereum) and are then given funds to trade with.

Or they can trade directly from their wallets. Spectre also has a liquidity pool, which is its balance sheet that is owned by token holders who receive regular dividends based on the traded volume on the Spectre trading platform.

Trading Volume

Speaking of volume, Spectre has no central authority, unlike traditional trading platforms where they benefit from money being kept in a financial institution that is earning them interest. Spectre only makes money through volume, so in essence, this makes losses irrelevant to them.

Conflict of Interest

Where most platforms want to see traders lose so they can line their own pockets, Spectre is focused on having high volumes on its platform because high volumes mean that more fees can be collected. Where a conflict of interest occurs on the normal platform, Spectre has no conflict of interest.

Final Verdict

What I like most about Spectre and its unique trading platform is the fact that it has seen the potential of blockchain technology, and like many other companies they have embraced it completely. All transactions that happen on the platform occur on the Ethereum blockchain and this eliminates any chance of fraud on their side because everything can be verified and checked.

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