Top Forex Brokers in Australia for Forex Trading

AU FlagAll the Forex brokers in Australia are regulated by an authority named ASIC. Traders who are based in the southern region of Australia might as well try and cross their borders and find the top class forex brokerage in Australia to carry out trades.

Choosing a forex broker based in Australia has its own advantages, and these perks cannot be matched by the rest of the brokers out there. Most of the time, the regional brokers come up with forex updates based on the Asian time frames. They believe customer support should be the strong point of the organisation and hence believe in dedicating themselves towards it. They lead the forex brokerage charts and this made us come up with a list of the top ten leading forex brokers who operate in Australia and different parts of the country.


Deposit: $100
Leverage: 294:1

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Deposit: $5
Leverage: 888:1

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Deposit: $50
Leverage: 1000:1

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Deposit: $50
Leverage: 400:1

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Deposit: $250
Leverage: 400:1

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Deposit: $100
Leverage: 200:1

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Deposit: $250
Leverage: 500:1

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Regulation and Forex Broker Licensing

Australian brokers are regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) financial controlling authority. If you are trading from the Australia, we highly recommend you to prefer the Forex agencies which have valid ASIC license.

When selecting a broker, you may not alternate an Australian broker with any other broker as the regional brokers offer their FX updates according to the Asian time zones.

Below is the list of Forex brokers which are operated out of Australia. They offer more intensive customer support that is why you can consider them as the premium Forex brokers.

Forexcom Main is one of the most popular and favoured brokers, one possible reason behind which is the fact that it allows traders to trade over 50 currency pairs, which really is a massive amount. Gain Capital operates the site, and it is also a well-known financial services company which was established in the year 1999 and has been in the game actively ever since.

As soon as you make the initial deposit and fund your account, you are going to gain an exclusive access to a wide range of news, information, research information, headlines and internet tutorials with the help of which you are surely going to make great investments and get amazing outcomes.


Ava Trade Main PageAvaTrade is known for having offices in various parts of the world in some of the best cities. It is also one of the most popular forex brokers which has been satisfying customers since a great bit of time. Any country they exist in; they make sure they are regulated by the authorities in those particular countries. That said, the authorities in Japan, Australia and other countries of the world where AvaTrade has its offices do regulate them, which is why you are more than safe if you go for AvaTrade.


AxiTrader is a popular and widely favoured Australian broker, mainly known for providing excellent ECN services. Their customer base is huge, serving a number of investors of various types.


eToro Main PageA number of traders who actively carry out forex trading believe that forex trading is a completely independent action. However, eToro tries its best to prove them wrong with its efficiency, dedication and support. Their customers receive a lot of information and education while they trade with eToro, which leaves the customers with a trading experience which lasts forever and is favoured by the users themselves.


Pepperstone Main PagePepperstone originally got its name from the physical appearance of an actual piece of pepper. It may appear to be rather rough from the outside, but you get the proper taste of it and experience the flavour only after you are done biting it. This is exactly how Pepperstone broker works.

Pepperstone is a brand new Forex broker based in Australia which is known for running under the CDM Pacific. They serve two different purposes, the first being an ECN broker and the second being a standard forex trading service provider, and they fulfil both of their purposes very efficiently. The broker is very regulated in all aspects and there is just way too much that this broker offers.


ThinkForex Main PageThinkForex is a New Zealand based forex broker mainly known for offering excellent ECN services. The trading conditions you are going to find with ThinkForex will be rather appealing as they take their shape depending on the competition going on out there. They are also known for offering a wide range of excellent features, some of the noteworthy ones of which are hedging, execution and scalping along with many more unique and cool features. You can be sure about the safety as they are regulated by authorities such as FSCLP and FSP.

ThinkForex understands a trader’s nervousness when he or she transacts with an unknown broker, which is why they provide a complete securely bunch of trading opportunities, especially for traders from all parts of the world who prefer to trade in a degraded latency network and can easily maintain a number of open positions at a time without any trouble.