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TokenPesa – Creating Bridges Between Kenya and the Blockchain Economy 0

One of the main objectives of this project is to integrate the unbanked population into conventional finance, taking advantage of new technologies, especially the Blockchain. This offers the possibility of decentralized finance (DeFi: Decentralized Finance), and even more so if

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EcomToken – On the Way to Success! 0

These days, EcomToken team have three announcements that will surely excite everyone! (1) First, Ecom Token had an auspicious contract signing ceremony with GymLgr and Everest Network that was held in Madrid, Spain on August 31, 2019. The good news

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OZOTOP Project Will Revolutionize Today’s Society 0

How Blockchain, Telegram / TON / TVM technology and the OZOTOP project will revolutionize today’s society We saw in a globalized world, with infinite difficulties and conflicts. Problems of the complicated solution, disputes between countries, wars, terrorist attacks, environmental disasters,

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