IC Markets

Pound Rises after Current Account Deficit of UK Narrows 0

A survey was recently conducted by the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) in which it has painted a mixed picture of UK’s economy. While there has been a steady growth in the manufacturing sector, the retail sector is struggling a

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Inflation Rate of Canada Reaches the Highest Level of 2.1% 0

Due to direct correlation with the crude oil price, the Canadian Dollar is generally categorized as a commodity currency. Crude oil is regarded as the biggest export revenue earner of Canada. Hence, it is likely that crude oil price volatility

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Aussie Dollar To Remain Bullish due to Strong Economic Data 0

In December 2017, Australian Dollar turns bullish against G10 currencies. Particularly, the currency hit one and a half month high figure of 86.84 against Yen and one-month high figure of 0.7680 against Greenback. The Kiwi Dollar fell to the one-month

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